Country Singer Do-It-Yourself
Country and Western Song Kit

Here's a basic song format.
Study it carefully, then select your favorite alternate lyrics from the pull-down menus. It's only a couple of verses, but it should get you into the spirit to write your own million-seller.
You can even print this page and impress your friends.

P.S. If you should decide to set the result to a melody,
nothing personal, but I don't want to hear it.



A.S.C.A.P.       B.M.I.       A.A.       N.R.A.       C.M.T.       P.T.A.       M.I.C.K.E.Y.

I met him/her ...
I can still recall he/she wore.
He/She was
and I knew .
I'd forever;
He/She said to me .
But who'd have thought he'd/she'd ?